Race and Equity Team

Black History Month Film Festival

The Race and Equity Team of Forsyth Satellite Academy is hosting a Black History Month Film Festival in collaboration with Downtown Community Television Center (DCTV)
, featuring student-made films 
on social justice themes. 

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Two Sides of The Same Coin (2019) 

Produced by Aracelie Colón

Mixed Raced individuals often feel obligated to “choose a side” between their two nationalities, thus having an impact on their overall identity.
The purpose of this documentary is to show people like me that we do not have to pick a side. We should feel comfortable in our own skin.

Above the Magnolia Branches (2019) 

Produced by Jasmine LeCount-McLanahan

A young woman's journey into the rich history of women in her family, explored beyond their skin’s connotation of origin.

Bystander (2019) 

Produced by: Dominick Marcelo, Micah Gomez, Evan Rivera, Devon Palmer
When tensions escalate on a subway train, passengers have to decide whether to take action or stand behind the front lines.


by Jonah Davis

Some people say you can’t choose your family. Others say you can’t choose your identity. Watch as this trans teenager defies society’s limitations.